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Ultimate Companion 

Ultimate Companion wants your dog to be happy, successful and obedient.  We understand that all dogs are not made the same and they are unique in their own ways.  Dogs can only be as great as we allow them to be.  We want dogs to be able to see their potential in life and get to enjoy it to the fullest.  At Ultimate Companion we want to work with you and your dog so both of you can enjoy each other.  We stand for giving dogs what they deserve and that is the best environment to succeed.  We know not everyone can give dogs the time, attention, and stimulation that they deserve and that is where we come in.  We will give your pup all of that.  


Our goal for your dog will be guided by your expectations and the dogs behaviors. We want to teach the dog to "learn how to learn". Dogs can thrive when they are given challenges that they can succeed at. Ultimate Companion will help you communicate better with your dog, building a stronger bond.   


Dogs also need people to have patience when working with them.  Dogs do not learn the same as humans, and they don’t know what is right from wrong like us humans do.  Ultimate Companion will help dogs "learn to learn".  By doing this, obedience training can be introduced and a foundation can be laid.  You don’t build a home without first laying the foundation, and it must be stable.  Your dogs will have a patient handler, and the skills to learn.  All of these factors will help shape new or improved behaviors for the dogs.  With this new knowledge and behavior the dog will be able to shine at home.


Ultimate Companion is consistently patient learning!


People want the best care for their dog and Ultimate Companion is here to help.  Dogs will have fun and learn, forming that solid foundation.

The Squad

Hello, I am Colin Pugsley, Owner of Ultimate Companion.  Dogs have been in my life since I was born.  I know the joys, frustrations and love that dogs can give.  Dogs and their owners can have an unspoken bond, which is a great feeling for both parties.  My pups are part of my family and they are my inspiration for Ultimate Companion.  They are not perfect dogs but they are perfect for me.  That is what I want others to experience.  To know the joy and love that dogs can bring into our lives.  It is not always easy but I am here to help.  Let me help your dog learn to learn and let me help you set realistic expectations for your best friend.  


"There is no bond, like the un-spoken bond" 


Ultimate Companion

Colin Pugsley



Ultimate Companion

Our Team
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