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Hunting Dogs

The bond between hunter and dog is like no other



Dogs are my love and hunting is my passion. I have hunted my whole life with dogs.  It is a great feeling when you and your dog work as a team to find whatever you are looking for. It can bring extreme excitement and fulfillment but it can also bring frustration. It is on us to help our bird dogs reach their full potential, it is what they deserve. It is what they were born to do!


Start em right

Exposure to the world is important to all dogs and bird dogs are no different. These can be simple activities that don't require you to be in a hunting situation. Laying that solid foundation is key. I want to help you and your new hunting partner get off on the right path. 



Ultimate Companion will work with you and your pup on the goals you want to accomplish.  If it is a task we can work on, we will train for it. We will discuss what the problems are, goals we want to reach, and creating a plan. There is nothing better than having a bird dog  you love, in the field with you.  

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